Sunday, 30 September 2012

Homemade Filofax inserts

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while but I have had a hectic / stressful couple of weeks followed by a week away. Hopefully life will settle back down a bit now, at least for a while.
I have been meaning to do a post for a while now, on home-made Filofax inserts and rulers. I have always been a bit of a creative type and still like to have a go whenever I get some free time (which isn't so often when you have a small child!)
Anyway, I kind of like the idea of making your Filofax your own. They are very personal and individual things, which is why I think they hold such appeal.
So anyway, on to the inserts... I was hankering after a laminator for ages, so that I could make flashcards and stuff for my 3 year old. So when I got one, yay! The possibilities are endless!!!
I started off by cutting out images from home shopping catalogues which I liked. Mainly designs and patterns which could be either collaged together or used individually to make pretty subject dividers or rulers.
Here are some of my first attempts.

These were just pictures of floral displays that i cut to shape and were a bit rubbish to be honest.
So, I tried again, this time using patterns rather than whole images.

So, I was quite pleased with these, so I tried my hand at some rulers. I used my Filofax today rulers as templates, cut the images to size, laminated them, hole punched them and then made little cuts through into the holes so that the rulers can be pulled on and off the rings without opening the binder (just like with the Filofax today ruler)

So then, I made some as a gift for Judith, who had kindly sent me some inserts from the Netherlands which are not available here. She liked them! :)

Sorry this post is so picture heavy! I hope it inspires you to get creative. I have lots of fun making these, and they make my Filofaxes look lovely :)
See you all soon ;)


  1. These are lovely :), I make my own inserts as posted in my blog, but I have never though of making my own rulers. It's a great idea. If I get round too ever having time too myself which isn't completely revolved around uni work I shall be sure to attempt this.

    I hope you are feeling much more rested after your week away :).

    Jess xx

  2. Hi Jess, thank you, I'm glad you like them and that I might have given you some ideas. You should post some pics when you get round to making some :)
    Thanks, I do feel better after my holiday.

  3. I love your dividers! My Filofax is in the post and I'm making plans for it! May I ask a question? When you laminate your dividers, do you cut them out leaving a wee border round the outside, so the laminating will stay on, if you see what I mean?


    1. Hi Penny
      Sorry its taken me a while to reply. Have you got your Filofax yet? Which one did you get?
      In answer to your question, I do leave a tiny border around them when I cut them out. I think it looks a bit nicer as well as helping the laminating film to stay together.