Wednesday, 2 January 2013

sick of being sick

Hi Everyone!

I apologise again that its been absolutely ages since my last post. I seem to have been ill with one thing or another since September! Its either been a cough, or a cold, a chest infection, or tonsillitis. Now I have the flu for new year :/

My little fella has been ill for ages too. I have a theory though, It seems to be too much of a coincidence that he started pre-school in September and we have been ill since then. It must be all of those germs he's coming into contact with, and bringing home with him!

I have started taking some vitamins to see if that helps, I mean it cant hurt can it?!

I have to get my Filofaxes in order for the new year too. Lots of new diary inserts to put in and sort out. Thats gonna take me some time! lol

I have decided to change my format a little this year. My pocket Chameleon (the one that doubles up as my purse) is going to have some month to view sheets slotted in, and I have gone for week to a page instead of week on 2 pages to try to reduce bulk and weight, so we will see how that goes.

In my personal Chameleon (my main Filofax) I have got a year to view, month to view and also week on 2 page this year. I wanted to try the year to view as I thought it would be nice to see things like birthdays at a glance. The month to view will be useful to see my work shifts and days off more easily.

Last year I bought a second hand (but very gorgeous) black personal Amazona, which has been sadly just sitting on a shelf. I have to find a good use for that this year. I have even contemplated using it in place of my personal chameleon, but I do love that Filo.

I'll keep you posted, and post some pics sometime soon.

Happy New Year everyone