Sunday, 2 September 2012

Simple pleasures on a sunny day

Well, I'm back already with my second ever blog post. Thank you to those who have already visited and had a little nosey at my blog. Special thank yous to Steve and Lucy for being my first two followers :)
I am lucky to live right near to a lovely big park with lots of things there to do. On Sundays for most of the year there is often a band or group at the park, on the bandstand, playing music for people to enjoy. Once every year, there is a group called Pantonic All Stars who come from Stockport near Manchester. They play steel drums, which I love. I always go to the park to see them when they play. Steel drums just sound so summery and sunny and lovely, they make me feel all happy and kinda like i'm on holiday. The last two years running, when they have played in our park, it has poured with rain. I still went to see them though, standing under my umbrella or the hut in the park. Their music makes me feel summery even in the rain.
Today, for once it was lovely and sunny, so me, my little fella and my other half walked down to the park with our picnic and sat in the sunshine munching our food, listening to the lovely sounds of the steel drums. I love how sometimes the simplest little things, like some sunshine and some music can lift my mood and make me feel so happy. Such a shame the Pantonic All Stars only come to us once a year. Of all the bands that come to play they are without a doubt my favourite. They have some videos on youtube if anyone wants to check them out.
Bye for now, Deb


  1. Sounds fantastic Debbie, yep sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us the happiest!!! :)

  2. Great how a sunny day can lift the mood isn't it? shame we don't have them more often! lol