Thursday, 8 May 2014

Its been a long time!!!

Yes, as the title suggests, its been quite a while since I last posted. I guess life takes over sometimes, and time flies by and you lose track a little bit.

Well, we are a quarter of the way through 2014, and i have only just got around to sorting out my new Filofax diary inserts for this year. I have my raspberry pocket chameleon, which is my wallet and diary, and goes everywhere in my bag with me, and i also have a diary in my personal aqua chameleon (which is my main Filofax).

I will do a follow up blog with my set-ups and pics. 
Now, I have collected a few filos, as well as the two chameleons mentioned, I also have an A5 aqua and an A5 raspberry chameleon, an A5 red cuban zip, an A5 and personal Holborn zip in wine, a personal black Amazona and a black pocket pimlico. They all have their uses! I dont think I have left any out, haha.

I feel like I need a new one to re-motivate me into being organised (and to treat myself).
Now I always want what I cant have, or that which is hard to come by. Its just typical, I don't make things easy for myself. Now, as much as I love my aqua personal chameleon, I feel like a little change. I fancy a purple Malden or an Original, but I am struggling to decide on a colour, or if I could find my holy grail of an almond Amazona, I would be in Filofax heaven! The one I'm really hankering after (at the right price) is the dark aqua Original. I have found a website that have some Originals on sale, but the only colour available in the personal size at the moment is purple and I'm not sure thats my favourite. I do quite like the fuchsia and the nude as well. Oh decisions, decisions....

I also got a bit creative the other day and made some new dividers and rulers for my pocket chameleon. I love making my own as I am quite a creative person, but I find it therapeutic and satisfying making pretty things which are original to me.

I think thats an excuse for another post sometime soon :-)

If anyone has any comments and can help me to decide on a new filo, that would be much appreciated as I'm quite indecisive at the moment. I like the idea of the patent ones, but having not seen them in person, I don't know if I would really love them in the flesh.

Maybe I should sleep on it.......

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