Thursday, 29 January 2015

Leather bag heaven

Hello folks!
Well, its a really long time since I last wrote on here, but I'm really super excited to share something with everyone.

About a week ago, I was reading posts about Filofaxes, as I do, and in particular, the Original.
I have an Original in patent fuchsia (personal size) and it has become my absolute favourite.
I especially love the quality of the leather, the simplicity of the design, and just the way it feels so sturdy and well made.

I happened to read somewhere that there is a company based in Liverpool called The Leather Satchel Company who actually made the Original for Filofax.

I had a little search for their website and fell immediately in love with their satchels. They have been making satchels and bags since 1966 and started out selling their stuff on markets. They were based in Smithdown Road in Liverpool, and then moved out to Huyton.

I knew straight away that I just had to have one of their satchels! There are various sizes to chose from, starting with smaller Pixie Bags which are like handbag size, then their smallest satchel at 11", they also do a 12.5", 14" and 15"

They also offer a full customisation service, with choice of magnetic closures instead of buckles, 2 different types of handle that can be added to your satchel, a wider gusset, shoulder strap pad, embossing, back pack handles etc.
You can even have one entirely custom made in colours of your choice!
They also offer a 5 year craftsmanship guarantee.

So anyway, I decided on the 14" patent Oxblood leather satchel.

I emailed the company to ask if I could go and pick it up, as I work just down the road from their workshop, to save having it shipped. I had a prompt e-mail back from Daniel, who was very helpful and we arranged a time for me to pick up my satchel. Daniel also said that he would kindly refund the postage charge as I was able to collect myself.

Their headquarters is lovely, full of beautiful satchels, large and small on display, in every colour you can think of. I was practically drooling!!!

...Then they brought out my satchel...WOW! It was just so shiny and beautiful.

It's very rare these days to buy something so perfectly well made, crafted by hand with real attention to detail. The quality of the leather, and the work is just stunning!

I cant recommend them highly enough, and I can't wait to buy another!

So, without further ado, here are some pics (they really don't do it justice)

I am just soooooo HAPPY with it!

Let me know what you think :)

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